Your mind is a jungle worth exploring; as a writer, you are never alone.

Writing is a solitary activity. Facing the blank page feels daunting. I’ll pass along ideas I use to encourage students and tricks for making writing come alive. Plus idle thoughts on love, death, sex, and food.

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  1. okay… where are the pieces on sex? ha ha!

  2. Thanks, Norma, for facing the blank page, day after day; and for filling up lots of those pages with reminders of the pervasiveness and evils of bigotry and sexism; and the continual courage required, in small ways and large, to confront and change. Fran Fevrier

  3. Do not assume things. Give the president elect a chance. He may be the best thing the best thing that ever happened to America.

  4. I have no choice but to give him a chance, but the language he used during his run for the presidency does not give me comfort.


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