Celebrating Books

Les and I spent a very warm (heat index 112 degrees) few days in Mississippi celebrating books–the people who write them and the people who read them. The Mississippi Bookfest  was held at the State Capitol, wonderfully grand and cool inside

Miss State Capitol

and hot as you can imagine out on the lawn where we signed books.

signing outside

My panel was called “Her Story,” and featured five of us. Susan Cushman moderated and is author of A Second Blooming: Becoming the Women We Are Meant to Be; Mary Ann Connell is a pioneering Mississippi lawyer and author of the memoir, An Unforeseen Life; Jessica Harris, food historian and author, came with her memoir My Soul Looks Back, which describes living in New York with everyone we wished we’d been fortunate enough to know; Suzanne Marrs, is a scholar of Eudora Welty. Her latest book is Meanwhile There Are Letters: The Correspondence of Eudora Welty and Ross Macdonald.

Marrs recalled Eudora telling her about one of the dreadful stories I wrote in her creative writing class at Millsaps: Two old women get rid of unpleasant people by carving them up and putting them down the disposal. Marrs said, “Eudora got such a kick out of that.” I blush remembering.

I was there with the sequel to The Last Resort, That Woman From Mississippi, both coming out in paperback September 1 from Nautilus Publishing.


Here are a few places you can get one–or both:

Read localbd

Nautilus Publishing, Oxford, Mississippi

Lemuria, Jackson, Mississippi

Square Books, Oxford, Mississippi

Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino, CA

Books & Books, Coral Gables, FL

Union Ave. Books, Knoxville, TN

Malaprops, Asheville, NC

City Lights Bookstore, Sylva, NC

and, of course, on Amazon.



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  1. Silverstein Maggie

    Beautiful!!! Love, m >

  2. You were in good company. And to think Ms. Welty never forgot your story. You could do worse than to be unforgettable!! xoxo

  3. OH! I got it this way also—and it looks great! xoxoxo

  4. Impressive !! Hope it was fun for you and Les, in spite of the crazy heat and humidity. Glad that you are back !



  5. Sounds like a hot time in the ole south! Hmmm, carving up people we don’t like and putting them down the disposal…..

  6. Love the story about Eudora Welty! You make an impression on everyone who spends time with you. In my case, a wonderful impression! So blessed to know you.


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