On my way to Mississippi

Miss map

I’m on my way to Mississippi (which I expect to be the temperature of this image),  celebrating early the September 1 publication of my new book at the Mississippi Book Festival . This is a sequel to The Last ResortTHAT WOMAN FROM MISSISSIPPI–the story of what happened to that woman in 1966, after she drove off down the road with a civil rights lawyer.

Be there button.jpg

Doug Fortier, my social media guru, made a button for my husband Les to wear. If I had fifty friends left in Mississippi, I’d make them wear one, too.

If you’re nearby, we will be telling “Her Story” in State Capitol Room A, Saturday, August 19, 12-1pm.

TWFM button.png

More to come . . .

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  1. I am not sure what to say. This world is crazy and scary. But you have the style, the grace, the understanding and the words to make a change. I hope they give you a chance to tell your story. Safe and wonderful travel wishes my friend.

  2. Mary Ellen Tracy

    Have a safe trip and a successful time in Mississippi! Good for you!!!

  3. WOW, this is SO exciting. When and where will the local launch takes place? Can’t wait to read it. Very happy for you. Jo

  4. You go, girl. I’ll be there when you launch in California. I want to read the second act.

  5. YAY for you Norma! You are my hero!!! My copy of your book is supposed to arrive today. I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas.

  6. maggie silverstein

    How wonderful is this!! So happy it’s happening and can’t wait to get my copy from our dear Books & Books.
    Safe travels.
    Love from Maggie & Bernie

  7. You’ll bring your own special heat to Mississippi, Norma. But you yourself will stay cool. . . xoxoxo

  8. We’re looking forward to this second act, Norma.

  9. Ahhh, the second shoe drops! Congratulations!

      • Such a long time, Norma, and I’ve wondered about you two from time to time. Tom’s death pretty much ended my visits to Mendocino for the time being, but one of these days … meanwhile will place an order for my copy. Of course you’re aware that Don passed away some time ago, but his book was published. Incidentally, mine is now in second draft form and will hit the shelves on February 6th. It’s being published by Hay House out of NY. Maybe one of these days I’ll join the writers guild!


  10. Betty, I can’t wait to read your book!


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