On this day without women, a new way to do business

March 8 is International Women’s Day, marked this year as a National Day Without Women.

I hope you’ll be wearing red, not shopping, or shopping only at woman-owned businesses, paying with CASH.

Speaking of women, here’s a little good news:

In the Saturday March 5, 2017, San Francisco Chronicle,  Caille Millner wrote about a woman-owned firm called Soko.

Soko makes jewelry, but the business model is brilliant. Surely it could be replicated for any product women can produce at home.

Here’s how it works: Soko does high speed production, but instead of using a factory, the jewelry is made by artisans working at home or in small workshops It’s done using an amazing technical platform on mobile phones.

When an order comes in, say for 2500 necklaces for Nordstrom, the artisans receive their assignments through their phones. Each artist makes only a manageable number of pieces, but the database of artists is large enough to produce the order in the same time a large factory could–two weeks.

The workers are paid through their phones and the average artisan makes enough to send all her kids to school, feed her family, and save.

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  1. generationtrygirl

    Solo sounds so cool! Thank you for sharing. I’m saving this for later.

    As for the protest day, I’ll be working a half day tomorrow (unfortunately need to be there part of it for an important meeting.) but it is only one of my 3 jobs! So that’s good. I’m definitely not gonna spend any money on ANYTHING tomorrow (filled my tank up with gas tonight to make sure!) If you need inspiration for fighting the good fight, check out the round of of 15 inspiring quotes by trailblazing women on my blog! https://www.generationtrygirl.com/2017/03/08/15-inspiring-women-quotes/


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