An appropriate word for the day from Anu Garg.



(kak-i-STOK-ruh-see, kah-ki-)


noun: Government by the least qualified or worst persons.


From Greek kakistos (worst), superlative of kakos (bad) + -cracy (rule). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kakka-/kaka- (to defecate), which also gave us poppycock, cacophony, cacology, and cacography. Earliest documented use: 1829.


E.J. Dionne wrote today:

“Let’s be clear: The United States of America is not Donald Trump’s country.

When all the returns are in, Hillary Clinton will emerge with a popular vote lead of about 1.5 million to 2 million votes….

To Point this out is not a form of liberal denial. It’s a way of beginning to build a barricade against right-wing triumphalism—and of reminding immigrants, Muslims, African Americans, Latinos and yes, our daughters that most Americans stood with them on election day.”

There are things we can do:


  1. Support the Popular Vote movement in your state. Eleven states with 165 electoral votes have already joined. We need 105 more electoral votes. When we have 270, the way the electoral college works can change without a Constitutional Amendment. Those states part of the Popular Vote agree to give all their electors to the winner of the national popular vote.
  2. Encourage Nancy Pelosi to appoint Keith Ellison head of the Democratic National Committee. An early Sanders supporter, in 2006 Ellison became the first Muslim elected to Congress and the first black member of Minnesota’s congressional delegation.S
  3. Slate has a nice list of ideas of how to channel frustration into action. Check it out.

4. Wear your safety pin. Let the people who feel threatened—people of color, women, immigrants, LBGTs, Muslims—know you are with them. But the safety pin is only a symbol. Action brings the prick.



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  1. Many thanks. Glad you are back out on line. Giving to ACLU is a good idea. And love giving to Planned Parenthood in the VP-elects name. Words needed. Love, M >

  2. I’m going to work with the Popular Vote movement. Join Emily’s List. Locally work with making sure our Latino population is safe. Onward!


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