None so blind

We wonder why white police officers are so quick to lethally target black men. The North Miami Beach Department provides a clue: their sniper training program used mug shots of young black men for target practice. Real, still alive (for now), young black men.


A National Guard Sgt. happened to look into a pile of garbage at the Medley, Florida, shooting range and spotted a photo of her brother with bullet holes in his face and head.

The chief has apologized: he didn’t know about it. They used mug shots of whites and Latinos, too. The sniper training program has been suspended. But symbols become reality and this is a powerful one.

Black equals bad.

Aim high.

Shoot to kill.

What happened to “disable”?

What happened to good sense and sensitivity?

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  1. As always, thank you Norma for shining a light on the horrors of racism.

  2. Dear Norma, I find it so hard to know WHAT to say in response to the heartbreak of this continuing legacy. Looking forward to seeing you while I’m up here. belvie

  3. Is this blog still active?

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