Haters…and the rest of us


Whenever I get depressed about the state of the world—wars, looming environmental catastrophe, the rise of oligarchy, blaming poverty on the poor, racism (in all its new masks), I tell myself it’s okay.

The old white people who hate change and brown people and gays and women will die off

small RIP

A new day is coming.


Today’s young people have grown up in a world of diversity. They know better than to deny science because they’re the ones who will inherit our over-heating planet. Things will be different.

And then I read about Stormfront.org, where haters go to hate.


The site is visited by 200,000 to 400,000 Americans every month, most of them young. They rage about Black criminals and the Mexican invasion. They mock gays and feminists and have a lot of problems with Jews. The Holocaust is the “Holohoax”. Over 100 murders in the last 5 years have been linked to Stormfront members.

California (one of the most diverse states) has a Stormfront membership 25% higher than the national average.

The population of the U.S. is 317 million, so approximately 10 percent of us are haters.

10%Which means 90 percent of us are not.

90-percentI’m trying to stay hopeful.

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  1. Me too….trying to stay hopeful. I just read Americanah. Very interesting perspective on being black in America, written by a young Nigerian woman who came here to go to college. Back home, a country inhabited primarily by black people, she never thought of herself in color terms. Only when she came to this country did she start to experience herself that way. I recommend the book, even tho I think it drags a bit in the middle.



  2. Scary statistics. I’d have guessed closer to 5%.

  3. Patricia walsh

    Stay hopeful! Hate = Fear.
    Don’t hate anyone. ( Haters? Racists? ) Anyone.
    Stay hopeful! Love and Death need your energy. …

  4. Actually, I think that 3 million would be nearer ONE per cent of 317 million, so even if the number is 400,000 which is a plenty, they are only approximately 0.126% if the population. Though of course, there are undoubtedly lots of people who just don’t swing as far whacko as the Stormfronters, but are still racist pigs.

    Still, this corrected statistic is a bit more hopeful than imagining that 10% of the American population are basically Nazis.

  5. You’re right. I’m terrible with match, especially when the zeros mount up.
    I’m feeling much more hopeful.


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