Guns, Guns, and more Guns

I grew up in a house without guns. My father’s plan was to fend off intruders with his tennis racquet.

Things have changed.

If gun ownership made us safer, America would be the safest country in the world. Instead, outside of Mexico—which is in the middle of a drug war—we are the most violent. Here is a map of gun deaths, by state for 2007, the latest year I could find.


Slate Magazine began tracking gun deaths after Sandy Hook. The project has been taken up by a non-profit: Gun Violence Archive, Inc. Take a look at their data—just for 2014.

Welcome to the Gun Violence Archive

Total Incidents of Gun Violence
from January 1, 2014
Total Deaths by Gun Violence
from January 1, 2014
Total Injuries by Gun Violence
from January 1, 2014




Near Real Time
Incident Data
Recent Incidents
Children injured
or killed: 222
7-year-old found shot in the head dies of gunshot wound, Mobile police investigate
Officers killed: 6 Police: Shooting at illegal after-hours bar in Trenton turns deadly
Murder/suicide:116 Gunman kills off-duty officer, 2 other men in Ohio bar
Home invasions: 268 Two Brothers Shot, Killed Outside NE D.C. Church
Defensive use: 134 Several shot at Las Vegas wedding reception Saturday
Date of last update: March 15, 2014 5:43 pm ET

Here in America, we own 9 guns for every 10 people, 270 million guns. To wrap your head around this insanity, go look at the charts in The Washington Post. The author compares gun ownership in this country with the rest of the world. A Wikopedia map will give you an idea.


And the gun lobby is busy defeating any candidate who speaks up for limits.

Two dozen states have passed Stand Your Ground laws, which have increased the number of justifiable-homicide cases in Florida alone by 200 percent. The Florida legislature is now considering a bill allowing schoolteachers to carry firearms to class.

My friend Glenn, a Miami art teacher writes: “I have worked at schools where kids can—and will—steal anything. I have had art fee money stolen from my desk two minutes after collecting it—like magicians, they distracted me (I learned this when I made a secret video to see how they did it). Like magic, the teachers’ guns will disappear as well.”

We are living with craziness, folks. We can’t shoot our way to safety.

If anyone has an answer, I would love to hear it.

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  1. William Effinger

    Hi Norma, Here is a place to start: Bill

  2. Just as there is no path to peace through violence, so too is there no path to safety through guns.

    The gun lobby doesn’t care about safety; they care only about profits! And they would be happy if every country returned to vigilante justice as their sole form of protection.

    Get corporate money out of our elections and get voters’ buts out of their easy chairs to vote in every election.

  3. Most Americans believe a gun will make them safe, just as they believe in other foolish things–like big family get-togethers up in the sky after they die. Being rational is not the default mode for human beings. Or maybe I’m getting jaded.

  4. The IRA and the gun manufacturers have total power in the USA. It is just not safe to live in this country and it is their fault. The Constitution is referring to arming a militia. Period. There is no prohibition to regulating gun ownership. Our founders would be appalled.


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