Intransigent is the word of the day

Intransigent is the word of the day from Anu Garg


adjective: Unwilling to compromise, especially from an extreme position.
noun: One who refuses to compromise.


I thought—how appropriate—when the House majority seems intent on punishing the poor (for the shame of being poor?) by cutting food stamps and dropping long-term unemployment insurance. Republican-run states refuse to expand Medicaid—though it would cost them little—condemning the poor to ill health and shorter lives (perhaps the Darwinian solution?). These same states put ever more restrictions on abortion, affecting those least educated about contraception, the women who can’t afford to drive hundreds of miles.


Yesterday’s Times ran a full-page color ad: “I don’t want a raise” the homeless man’s sign  reads; “I want a job.” An ad against raising the minimum wage.

Enough despair—here’s a word of hope, something we can actually do about poverty.

On the PBS Evening News, Judy Woodruff interviewed David Williams from Harvard’s School of Public Health. After disparaging this country’s health system, he said: “the foundations of health in adulthood are laid in childhood,” and gave this example:

The best evidence comes from a study done in Ypsilanti, Michigan, more than 50 years ago, the Perry Preschool study, where kids randomly, by the flip of a coin, received preschool or didn’t receive preschool. They have now been followed for 40 years. The kids that got the preschool, 40 years later, have higher levels of education, higher levels of income, higher levels of home ownership, higher levels of marriage, less involvement with the criminal justice system, and less involvement with the social welfare system.

And for every dollar invested, there is a $17 return to society from that preschool program. That is stunning. This is an amazing economic development we can achieve.


Universal pre-school. Surely the people who want every conception to end with a baby would approve.


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