Do not give up


The media are busy sounding the death knell of the Affordable Care Act.

1. Obama waited too late to put out the regulations because he wanted to win the election—thus the website roll out was a mess.

2. The website is a mess because the ACA used big, clunky government contractors instead of smaller, more talented web folks (like the NSA must have).

3. Obama lied: he said we could keep our insurance and our doctors if we liked them, instead of giving rousing speeches telling us we needed to sacrifice so millions of have-nots could be insured.

Let’s not despair.

Remember: a lot of the cancelled policies were terrible and one of the ways we’re going to cut healthcare costs is by becoming a healthier country. That means prevention—doctors advising people how to eat better, stop smoking, deal with mental health and quit addictions. Prevention is expensive. Sacrifice for the greater good.

Millions of people with no insurance will not have to bankrupt themselves if they get sick. People with pre-existing conditions will be covered, and people who develop a condition won’t have their policies cancelled.

Remember, too, Republicans have done everything in their power to kill the ACA: from voting to repeal it, to refusing to set up state exchanges, to not increasing Medicaid (See Bill Maher on Republicans below).

Morin on Healthcare

Okay, the Affordable Care Act is not single-payer, but it’s a beginning.

Things will get better—if we’re willing to fight.


Here’s what Bill Maher said to Republicans on November 8 after Food Stamps were cut.


“It’s okay if you don’t want to heal the sick or feed the hungry or house the homeless. Just don’t say you’re doing it for their own good. Don’t say you’d like to help people, but your hands are tied because if you did, it would cause a culture of dependency, or go against the bible, or—worst of all—rob them of their freedom (to be sick and hungry).

Just admit you’re selfish and, based on how little your actions mirror the teachings of Jesus, you might as well worship Despicable Me.”


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  1. Oh Yes!!!

  2. I do not believe in Socialized medicine , Obama wanted his legacy to be Obama Care and it is a disaster. He is not only a clever politician he thinks he is a monarch. It is beyond me why so many seemingly intelligent people are dazzled by him. And Duh: it is no surprise that money solves many problems for the poor. but distribution of funds is not the way to do it. If every Hollywood celebrity.that idolizes this administration would give half of their money to the poor, it would be beneficial. I am entitled to my opinion and it is 100% contrary to this blog..


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