Savage Inequality


We are waiting to see if Republicans will shut down the government.

Ironically, most of the states hardest hit by a shutdown are Republican. Of the 15 states with the highest percentage of government workers, only 5 voted Democratic in the last election:

Republican states with the most to lose       Government workers as a                                                                                      percentage of employees.

Wyoming                                                                    25.2

Alaska                                                                         24.9

Mississippi                                                                 22.1

Oklahoma                                                                  21.5

West Virginia                                                             20.2

Montana                                                                    19.9

Alabama                                                                    19.8

South Dakota                                                            18.6

Kansas                                                                        18.5

South Carolina                                                          18.4

Robert Reich

Republicans claim they are acting to protect the free market. Robert Reich points out this so-called free market is not free, but bound by rules humans created. To quote him: “Governments don’t intrude on free markets; governments organize and maintain them. Markets aren’t free of rules; the rules define them.”

The question is what we want these rules to achieve: do we maximize efficiency, growth, fairness, or some combination of all three–which, according to Reich, are not necessarily in competition with one another.

The central political question, according to Reich, is who decides on the rules? If democracy worked as it should, this would be our elected representatives, but as income and wealth have concentrated at the top, so has political clout.

Reich says we can end the savage inequality and make the economy work for all of us. But only if we exert the power that is supposed to be ours to change the rules.


If it’s playing in your city, go see Reich’s film: Inequality for All.

“In Republican States, More Government Jobs,” Floyd Norris, The New York Times, B3, September 28, 2013

 “Control by powerful elite belies ‘free market’ myth’, Robert Reich, San Francisco Chronicle, E9, September 29, 2013.

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  1. If Obama Care is so good how come none of the elite Washington crowd will be covered by this huge bureaucratic plan? Nothing that forces people to accept can be good.

  2. moral of story for unemployed is move to wyoming and get on free-loading government employment and vote tea party/john birch.

  3. The party polarization in this country is so endemic, I think it’s addled our brains. I hope someday doing the right thing will become more important than winning. But we’ve got a long way to go. . .

  4. Let’s don’t play donkey vs. elephant in this government shutdown drama of “who’s the big bad wolf?” The Wolf is Congress! Our leaders; both Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty. The Donkey has put so much pork squeezed in between the lines and the elephants want to reduce the pork and add their own version. You did notice that there were few voices on either side regarding their exemption from ObamaCare, including our president whose mind it came from. You don’t hear from either side their enormous salaries and retirement plans. Let’s face it folks.  Our government is irreversibly corrupt. They have been bought with a price.  What is the solution to save the most wonderful country and government ever established? America: Wake up!  Clean house.  The first to go is Bohnener and Polosi. Vote in new congressmen on both sides with a three year limit and a reasonable salary. If Obamacare is good for Americans; it is equally as good for congress. If they must have the same insurance as we do then I am sure we will get better coverage and no pork in it. Get rid of the arrogant ass that said, “we have to pass it in order to know what is in it”….Or the other one who shrilled “what difference does it make” over Benghazi. And, let’s not forget our president who went to bed upon hearing of the deaths of our ambassador who was dragged through the streets; and the four who bravely disobeyed orders to “stand down” and went to save him and lost their lives.  Benghazi was covered up so fast it made our heads spin. We still don’t know anything and never will.  I pray that those who will vote for Hillary for president will remember how she fell apart under pressure over Benghazi and resigned after her screaming episode.  Remember it folks!  I pray that we as Americans will stand together and save our country. Forget your party line and stand up America. United we stand…divided we fall! A divided country is the ultimate “inequality”.    May God save America.            


  5. What those of us who believe need to do is pray more effectively for our elected officials and our system of government. We can be specific in our prayer by confirming our understanding that unbalanced influences cannot over-ride that of the divine. We can exercise the faith that has been demonstrated for thousands of years and see the influences of the divine manifested. God is love and His ways will prevail through kindness, understanding, peace and balance. Human will has no place in the divine government or economy.

  6. The diversity of replies is interesting. I feel as if the Republican party has created a hostage situation: do as we say or we’ll make everyone suffer. It goes beyond being bad sports and enters into the realm of thuggery. When a party loses an election, their job is to continue to work for the good of the American people, not to halt the ability of government to serve. They care more for their ideology than for flesh and blood people who need paychecks, education, healthcare, and food on the table.

  7. It is Republicans and Democrats, black and white that are causing the terrible situation in Washington. It is racist to say the “mean old white men” We are all Americans and I think Obama’s ego is punishing the people. because his legacy will be Obama Care, or so he wants. The whole government is so out of touch with WE THE PEOPLE.


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