so much mumpsimus. . .

So much mumpsimus; so little time

(MUMP-suh-muhs) A view stubbornly held in spite of clear evidence that it’s wrong.

First, the good news

Hurray for the death of DOMA nationally and Prop 8 here in California

rainbow flag

Hurray for Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, her filibuster to prevent the closing of most Texas abortion clinics (they’re using Mississippi’s tactic: clinics have to be within 30 minutes of a hospital where a clinic doctor has admission privileges) Hurray for those pink sneakers.



Now the bad.

Texas leads the country in teenage moms with two or more children. Governor Rick Perry’s answer to “that woman who filibustered” (a single mom of a single mom): “Too bad she didn’t learn from her own example.”

Our activist court overruled almost unanimous legislation by Congress and overturned the heart of the Voting Rights Act because, according to Chief Justice Roberts: “We don’t need it anymore.”

If you think racism is over, pause at Jim Morin’s cartoon.



My favorite quote of the week:

Wendy Davis tried to ask colleague Troy Fraser questions about a pending bill. Fraser’s answer: “I have trouble hearing women’s voices.”

Wendy Davis

They’re saying she’ll run for governor. Her slogan might be:  Can you hear me now?

5 responses »

  1. Can you hear me now? Priceless.
    She’s my hero.

    • Agree. So thrilled to see women like Wendy Davis and Elizabeth Warren on the front lines. Gives me a shred of hope for the future. Thanks, Norma.

  2. harriet gleeson

    Really enloy your blog, Norma.

  3. If Texas voted her in as governor, I would have a lot more respect for Texas.

  4. I am beginning to think that the only fair “jury of peers” for African Americans would be a jury made up entirely of African Americans.

    People hear and see what they are conditioned (by their culture, NOT necessarily by experience) to hear and see. And it severely taints their perceptions of the world.

    (Brought up in Texas, I am not free of this; but aware of the tendency in myself, I am capable of overcoming the cultural idiocy of my upbringing… I hope!)


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