Is this the country we want?


I’ve been reading George Saunders’ amazing new book of short stories, Tenth of December

They are set in a near future where income inequality feels more dire.

Reading the stories, I felt such dread: pity for his characters, hope that things might get better, and fear they wouldn’t. They made me despair for humanity. I kept saying to myself: It’s not like that here in my little town.

In a New York Times magazine profile by Joel Lovell, Saunders says (I’m paraphrasing): in America, money—having enough money—is a kind of grace; and the fear of not having enough keeps people in demeaning jobs and desperate situations.

Watch this video to see what 9 out of 10 Americans, Republicans and Democrats, would like income distribution to be in this country, and what it actually is.


Is this the country we want?

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  1. Richard McDonough

    OF COURSE NOT! The country of the damned as of now. Led by the few to exploit the many.

  2. Very interesting.  Gives me pause for thought. Thanks Norma


  3. It’s not the country anyone (except maybe the 1%) would want. It’s not the country envisioned by our founders. And whose fault is that? Ours, the 99% bunch who neither paid attention enough nor reacted fiercely enough when we did. Is it too late? Think about it.

  4. There are many reasons why some are very wealthy. If they have earned their money we cannot take it and redistribute it. Some are very poor and the middle class is falling into the poor catagory.Like many nations we will end up with two classes, Rich and Poor. I do not approve of income redistrubution. I do pray, that every politicians of the U.S.A. will cut their own salaries and pay their own travel expenses along with their own medical care, from the President down. The Obamas just spent $ 432,500.00 of taxpayer money on the last party they had . In the middle of a depression and serious unemployment I am disturbed over this. All Politicians should have term limits and not make a carreer out of politics. Politicians are among the wealthy.Why does the country have to pay a retired president for the rest of his life a high salary and health care etc. he earned plenty while he was in office. What a waste of more money.One jet flight costs more then I see in a year. Lets see how Washington D.C. would like wealth redistribution.

  5. It is the country we have because we are delusional.

  6. Been like this for quite some time. And as the lowly of the lowest 1% I say YES, redistribute fer chrissake. But not in the way where we each get a piece of someone else’s pie. I’m talking about the rich paying MORE taxes, not less than the poor pay. The Congress not being paid an exorbitant amount and then collecting income for the rest of their lives once their term is up. I’m talking about FREE health care like most of the rest of the world has. (A friend recently got me medication from Cuba that cost me 40 cents. I pay $60 if I buy it here.) I’m talking about women making 75 cents to men’s 1 dollar for the same work. 50 cents if they are black women. I’m talking about taxing all the corporations who took labor to produce their goods out of this country. And why aren’t these things happening to balance out the haves and have nots? GREED. The rich just want to get richer on the backs of poor slobs like me.


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