Abortion in my home state – a followup

It's not a choice if

Mississippi has only one abortion clinic, serving mainly poor women and minorities for 17 years. People with means can travel to a more lenient State.


Abortion is legal is this country, but every Mississippian concerned has been loud and proud about the real purpose of the “Admitting Privileges” bill:

  • Governor Phil Bryant: “I will continue to work to make Mississippi abortion-free.”
  • The Lt. Governor: “the measure should effectively close Mississippi’s only abortion clinic” and “end abortion in Mississippi.”

This is my favorite:

  • State Representative Bubba [Bubba!] Carpenter told a group of local county Republicans: “We have literally stopped abortion in the state of Mississippi,” and “the other side [is] like, ‘Well, the poor pitiful women that can’t afford to go out of state are just going to start doing them at home with a coat hanger.’ That’s what we’ve heard over and over and over. But hey, you have to have moral values.”state with coat hanger

The clinic, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, filed a federal lawsuit asking for relief so the clinic could stay open. The order was granted in part: the “Admitting Privileges Bill” stands; but the clinic may continue to operate while its physicians seek admitting privileges, and the State agrees not to punish the clinic for non-compliance in the meantime.

The two physicians doing most of the abortions (both certified OB/GYNs), have applied for Admitting Privileges at 12 area hospitals (fifty-page applications). The two major hospitals in Jackson, where the clinic is located—including the University of Mississippi’s teaching hospital—refused to accept their applications. The other 10 turned the doctors down for “administrative reasons.”

And so it goes.

But, hey (as Bubba might put it), there’s hope. Mississippi just ratified the 13th Amendment

Bubba Carpenter


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  1. Unbelievable! Truly unbelievable! What decade is Mississippi operating in? What century? My heart aches for the women trapped in that miserable state.

  2. Hey, Mississippi finally got around to a vote to abolish slavery after being shamed by the movie Lincoln. Maybe we need Spielberg to do a movie about a woman needing a legal medical procedure in a state that won’t allow it.

  3. It makes me want to scream. Why isn’t anyone suing? I hear they’re afraid that the John Roberts court might overturn Roe v Wade, but it’s being overturned piecemeal anyway. Time to act!

    Maybe we could… impose sanctions on Mississippi? Well, I guess, it probably can’t get much poorer than the poorest state in the States, but there ought to be something ordinary folks can do to put pressure on these backward, ignorant bozos running the state.

  4. Good idea. Let’s impose sanctions. And you can’t get much more poorer that the poorest state in the states. There really ought to be something ordinary folks can do to put pressure on these ignorant bozos running the states. I actually thought that war was over and you won. Go ahead impose sanctions…Talk about ignorant bozo..You wOn the title Alex P. Do you actually think your worst problem is that that MS wants to overturn Roe.Vs Wade? Have you actually set foot in MS? You have bigger fish to fry, like liberty. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • I lived in Gulfport. I have seen the poverty. And I have also seen and heard the endemic racism there. People who are my friends talked about “those people” and how hard it was to get good help and so on, and I thought I had gone back in time 50 years.

      As for sanctions (as mentioned in my original comment), didn’t I take that back in the very next sentence?

      I think that one of MY worst problems is that, although I was once a prosperous, middle-class person, I now live in poverty. The fact that I am not alone is every American’s problem.

      I also think that I am watching democracy undermined — with gerrymandering of voting districts which prevent the popular vote from selecting representatives that reflect the majority’s views and voter ID laws aimed at preventing or discouraging minorities from voting — wherever Republicans rule the states. These are big problems for everyone. They affect our freedoms, ie, liberty, and you should also be concerned because today they’re trying to prevent people of color and poor folks from voting; tomorrow, it may be you.

      Roe v Wade is just a sidebar — in the present battle to retain our democratic form of government — compared to the destruction of our voting rights, but it’s an IMPORTANT sidebar that saves lives.

      I’m sad you think I’m a bozo, because I want women to be able to choose whether they give birth or not, but there you go. Nothing I can do about it.

      • My comments have been moved around here. You are so correct. Democracy is being so undermined here. Under Obama, very little progress has been made in this area. Where are all those warm and fuzzy feelings Obama promised? Right now under his pressure and administration, I don’t like anybody and everyone is my enemy. This is his intention. He is, after a community organizer, of the lowest level. Chicago style……If he has his way, we are all doomed. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  5. And while I am on the subject. It would seem to me that we could at last move on. If you have spent any time in the south, you would know this is over and done with. Not to end a sentence with a preposition. We have all moved on. No one is losing their vote, nor have any liberties been deprived by bubbas. Bubbas are now the minority. Do your homework before you expound on voting rights. We passed that test in 08. Tn did not go for Obama in 12 because he did not get the job done. Just saying….

  6. And, I have nothing to say on the subject of abortion. This should be a very personal issue. Stares Rights would be the best route here.

    • “[Obama] is, after a community organizer, of the lowest level. Chicago style……If he has his way, we are all doomed.”

      Wow. We live on different planets, Martha. The word /umwelt/ comes to mind.

      I think it’s very hard for aliens — both of us — to communicate with one another. A word that means one thing to one person means something else to the other. One person interprets an action one way; the other sees it the opposite way.

      May your dark, frightening vision of the future be incorrect.

      Be well.


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