The Race Card

Want to play yours?


Michele Norris, special correspondent for NPR, started The Race Card Project to encourge people to think about the word race. Six-word essays—anyone can play. Go to, read a few, and submit your own.


Here is a sampling:

Whites owe you nothing at all

That’s funny, you don’t look Jewish.

Race, a weapon of mass destruction

White trash is white for nigger

There’s a lot of “pepper” here.

Disappointed to find no African DNA

Warning!!! Educated black women walking by

The blind don’t judge by color

“Mama, look at the black one.”

200 years of progress undone in 4

You’re pretty…for a black girl

Norris began the project after searching her own family history for a memoir, The Grace of Silence. My ex-husband’s (putting words in his mouth): “Not mandatory busing—mandatory intermarriage.” Mine came from my mother when I shouted at her for almost running over two black ladies crossing Farrish Street in Jackson, Mississippi.  Mama: “Colored women can’t be ladies.”

What’s yours?

2 responses »

  1. Sondra Alexander

    “No decent man will go out with you again.” A comment made to me in 1971 Miami

  2. It would seem to me that you are going out of your way to slam Mississippi. You can go home again for a visit. There is nothing to be gained for all this vitriol. We have bigger battles to fight.


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