Memoir Workshop in Miami Shores

I’m teaching a three-day Memoir Workshop at Brockway Memorial Library in Miami Shores next week: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, 6-8 pm–November 26, 28, and 29. We’ll talk about how to get started and, if you’re well on your way, how to organize your material and look beneath events to find the story.

To sign up, call the library.

Address: Brockway Memorial Library, 10021 Northeast 2nd Avenue,  Miami Shores, FL 33138

Telephone (305) 758-8107

Join us.


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  1. Would love to, Norma, and wish we were closer. Playing with bits and pieces and will see how they fit together. Have been going to the Iowa Writers Summer Workshop. We will be in Texas with number one son for Thanksgiving. Have a good one your self, in Miami I gather. Fondly, M

  2. Norma, I wish you could have a workshop on Memoirs here in Fort Bragg. Joan Hanesn

  3. Hi Norma,

    I hope some of my Miami Shores workshop members (past and present) will join you, so I’ve forwarded this to them.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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