Duh is right . . .

Flori-duh played the fool last Tuesday night, thanks to officials who lengthened the ballot and shortened early voting. This picture was taken on election day in my Brickell neighborhood voting spot, courtesy of Glenn Terry.

The nice thing is—it didn’t matter. The nation didn’t need Florida to do the right thing—the nation didn’t need the entire Confederacy.

Let me say first how thrilled, exhilarated, tickled, and ecstatic I was over the outcome.

And how sad I was to see my home country—the South—continuing its trudge backward: against evolution, immigration reform, affirmative action, climate change, gay marriage and women’s choice. The South stayed solidly Republican.

How can we claim this is a post-racial society when 38% of African-American children live in poverty and go to schools unequipped to meet their needs, when disproportionate numbers of young males are in prison thanks to the war on drugs, and black unemployment is double that of whites?

Barack Obama’s success is a celebration—but he is an extraordinary man given extraordinary chances. Our job to create ordinary chances for the rest.

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  1. If he governs like he performed in the first debate, we’re doomed. If he governs like he performed in the second debate, vive la revolution!

  2. Truth is, we do not live in a post-racial society. But folks who point this out are immediately labelled as racist. Go figure.

  3. Honey you need to realize the South is not all labeled as you put. Obama will not better this country, proof of last 4 years. You are a liberal which is understood with your comments. This America as we once knew it, is gone and be ready for what is ahead. It will happen, interest rates will skyrocket, lost of more jobs, tax increases and worst recession ever recorded in history. and America will fall. Do your math honey.

  4. The only way there will be a post racial society is when we have all been mixed together into one race. And THAT scares the bejeesus outta some folk. So does full rights for ALL. Is it too late to let the south cecede? ps – it is enough for him to be the only president who ever acknowledged full rights for ALL folk. Anything else he does is icing.

    • Obama did carry Florida. From the front lines, canvassing from dawn to dusk on election day, I can report that the to attempt to suppress voting backfired, creating an intense will to stand in those long Jim Crow conceived lines.
      Remember, Obama carried Virginia and nearly won again in N. Carolina.
      The Republicans are running out of angry, bigoted old white men. In two to three election cycles Texas will be a swing state.
      Nearly 50% of Cubans in Dade voted for Obama.
      Nosotros veceramos!

  5. Unfortunately the black race is it’s own worst enemy. The public education system has failed the young people in our country, The family structure among blacks doesn’t exist,and the level of violence is out of control. Education and the voting rights are there for them, the decision to accept and succeed comes from within. Taking drugs and selling drugs is the easier way out for many of the youth today, black and white. Very sad for our nation.

  6. HI Norma. Yes, our government is an embarrassment and our governor in Florida an abomination.. Nevertheless we managed to get the state with the hard work of thousands of dedicated volunteers and Floridians who refused to be intimidated. I like that about us.
    Best wishes. Carmen Cummings

  7. Wow. Rich, I think it’s pretty clear, even from the comments here on Norma’s unreservedly progressive blog, that we are not living in a post-racial era. What we are living in is an era where European whites will soon be outnumbered by people of color here in America and vive le difference!

    When Susan, above, talks about “America as we once knew it”, I wonder what she remembers. Does she remember a place where white folks dominated and they taught their children, “You cross the street real quick if you see a n___ walking on the same side of the street as you,” and little friends said, “You can’t ever drink out of that cup again ‘cuz you let that n___ child drink out of it.”

    I’m glad I don’t live there any more. In that time or in that place. (On the other hand, it was a time of prosperity, where the rich were taxed and everyone — white, admittedly — had an opportunity to succeed, and I could ride my bike past the Bush’s house in Midland and people didn’t live in gated communities or behind security fences.)

    When Joan talks about the “black race” being its “own worst enemy”, she totally denigrates all the middle-class and educated black people who do not live in ghettos; she even denigrates the working poor families, living in slums, who struggle with two or three jobs per parent to keep their heads above water and get a decent education for their kids from schools in poor districts which generally may not provide one. And then some of them are also forced to battle the gangs for the possession of their children’s souls.

    Joan’s ingrained assumption that all African-Americans are lazy, drug-taking, pimping criminals and layabouts is exactly what prevents our country from moving forward, and also prevents her and Susan and all like them from rising above their fears and prejudices to embrace their higher angels. Their lives are not crap or scary because of “those people”. Their lives are crap or scary because 1) life can be like that at any time because of random occurrences and 2) because the 0.1% make it worse for everyone on the planet. And almost ALL of “Them” are white. Go figure.

    “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…”


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