Are Dems too nice, or too divided?

Ira Glass asked a good question in an interview in Sunday’s New York Times Book Review:

Of “This American Life”


Could someone please write a book explaining why the Democratic Party and its allies are so much less effective at crafting a message and having a vision than their Republican counterparts? What a bunch of incompetents the Dems seem like. Most people don’t even understand the health care policy they passed, much less like it. Ditto the financial reform. Or the stimulus. Some of the basic tasks of politics—like choosing and crafting a message—they just seem uninterested in.

I remember reading in The Times that as soon as Obama won, the Republicans were scheming about how they’d turn it around in the next election, and came up with the plan that won them the House, and wondered, did the House Dems even hold a similar meeting? Kurt Eichenwald! Mark Bowden! John Heilemann and Mark Halperin! I’ll pre-order today.

(end quote)

We don’t have time to wait for a book. Anybody got an answer?

Are Democrats too nice, too divided, too mealy-mouthed, or too willing to find shades of grey where our counterparts see the black and white of absolutes?

P.S. “shades of grey” is now ruined forever

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  1. Perhaps the very essence of being a democrat–a respect for each individual and their idiosyncratic opinion–works against a coordinated message–all saying the same robotic things over and over and over until they almost sound true. I hope this is the cause.

  2. As the nation has moved sharply to the right, the Democratic Party has moved right along. Part of the reason for this is that too many Democrats agree with much of the Republican agenda. To say they are “too democratic” to come to the people and articulate their message seems to me oxymoronic. Democratically elected leaders need to talk to their constituents in order to explain to us how they are enacting legislation to benefit the nation. Most of all, they need to stand up against reactionary forces and that requires some courage–and building a base that will support their opposition. But courage is sadly lacking in most of today’s politicians, Bernie Sanders and one or two others excepted.

  3. I personally think some people do not think enough about others, wish times were back to a ficticious Mother and Dad at home and Apple Pie — do not educate themselves to the realities of life, know nothing of economics and politics, do not read and do not vote — in essance become lazy — someone else will always do it — which allows Republicans to continue to echo their falsehoods and promote their agendas.

  4. Kerry Marshall

    I like this piece that William Rivers Pitt wrote recently on
    It is time to be feisty progressive and start pushing back this repressive “Baggers” energy!

  5. I believe that Democrats are interested in fairness and honesty, and supplying easy answers to complex questions is not honest. But many people like easy answers, and the Republican Party crafts their platform accordingly, because winning is more important to them than being fair and honest. But voter beware, the Republican platform may sound good to you, but the people who craft the message only want your vote, not a better life for you and your family.

  6. Or are we just to dumb to realize how dumb we are when it comes to message crafting?

  7. I think the 2008 Campaign was skilfully executed. It captivated young Americans with it’s idealism…even the Germans were beside themselves with emotion. I agree with Norma. I think the Dems are so exhausted and confused trying to placate everyone; they have become befuddled by their own good intentions, mired now in the muck of political reality. The democratic rhetoric, which soared over the rubble of the Bush years, has become as confusing as their Obamacare.

    Republicans do not have the interference of conscience or respect. They are ruthless lizards, they devour or tear apart everything they encounter. I think lizards appeal to the American population that still shares their vibration. The people who are greedy, fearful and vengeful. These people have ample energy and venomous language. Adrenaline is stimulating! Violence and loathing is hypnotic to damaged people. What the modern day philosopher, Eckhart Tolle, calls the human pain-body, can be very addictive and self-perpetuating.

    The only solution is human evolution. Either that or we send Norma to the White House to teach them how to write!


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