Let’s live our politics–Play the Game

Making politics fun AND profitable.

Any actual problem with voter fraud, as it turns out, exists mainly with Absentee Ballots, but Republicans enjoy voting absentee, so that is not to be messed with. What is to be messed with here in our election year are the people without fixed addresses, or the ability to trace a lost birth certificate, people who lack transportation to the DMV, the strength to stand in the lines, or the money to pay for the necessary documentation.

In Florida, we’ve required a photo ID for years, so most Floridians who want to vote have figured out a way to get one. To cut down on the Democratic vote here, the Republican legislature and the Governor have instead purged the voter rolls, curtailed early voting, and passed such severe restrictions on voter registration that the League of Women Voters gave up.

And that’s the problem here in these months before the Presidential election—not voter fraud, but voter registration. Almost half of eligible voters aren’t registered.

MTV is rallying young (and hopefully the rest of us) voters with a fantasy election game. 3,000 prizes are up for grabs—from a $25 gift card to a $25,000 check.

Like fantasy sports, there will be weekly scoring, waivers, unlimited trades, rosters and 12-team deep leagues. Fourteen candidates will be automatically drafted for users. The candidates earn points for being transparent, honest, engaged, and civil. Non-partisan organizations will do the tracking. For instance, Nancy Pelosi recently lost 396 points for lack of disclosure.

Posting on your candidates’ Facebook pages earns them points. Check-ins on political apps earns bonus points, as does reading online news articles about the election.

Users get the largest bonus for confirming they’re registered to vote. Eighty-four percent of youth registered to vote in 2008, voted.

The first set of candidate drafts is set for September 8. The last points are awarded in mid-November to candidates who win their races.

Preregister for the game at powerof12.org/fantasy-election.

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