A new leaf…no more “Place Order”

A different kind of bigotry . . .a look at the have-nots

To all of us out there bent over our computers, with every desire a click or two away, and the goods brought to our doors in a day or two with Office Depot’s next-day-free-delivery-if-you-spend-$50, or Amazon’s Free 2-DAY SHIPPING (which actually costs $79 per year, slyly inserted onto your credit card). No tax due with Amazon because the company doesn’t pay sales tax in California–not one penny of the purchase helping the community.

Let’s stop

I just did.

Go to the website of your favorite independent bookstore (Our community lost one independent bookstore. We have one left–let’s keep it). Go to your local office supply store. Remember those? We still have one.

What turned my head around was Mac McClelland’s article in Mother Jones about the online-shipping centers where our shopping clicks are made real:  hundreds of job-hungry people slaving for 10 and 12 hours a day in horrible working conditions at lousy wages and no benefits, to keep us happy. Doing a job where you literally run to meet your goals, are fired for being late, or crying, or for missing the day the wife had a baby. Not in Bangladesh, but right here.

If you can’t find what you want in town, buy online from a small business.

And read McClelland’s follow up piece.

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  1. If the issue is worker abuse then more than two stores and more than online stores are culpable. The best way to take them to task and benefit workers is to unionize the workers.

    The online book retailers vs independents is a battle that started with chain stores vs independents. Barnes and Noble moved in across from an independent in South Miami and the little guy closed in a year and independents now seem to be holding up against Amazon.


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