For whites only . . .

We think Jim Crow is over, or I did, until a friend gave me this story.

Visiting relatives in New Orleans, she was told they had a surprise for her. In the car because they considered her a “radical” Californian, they made her get down in the back seat so she couldn’t see where they were driving. This was in Metairie, Louisiana, New Orleans’ first suburb. The car twisted,  turned and finally stopped outside an unmarked door.

Inside, she was stunned to see a large, crowded restaurant. And the surprise here in the late 1990s? The owner, when ordered to integrate public facilities back in 1964, refused. Instead, he picked up his restaurant, moved it to Metairie, and continued operating, secretly, as a segregated establishment for whites only.

Unless you were the waiter.

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  1. I am always shocked to see and read this stuff. Thanks for continuing to shed the light. We are still very much dealing with this issue of race, the divide… keep it up!

  2. Why am I not surprised? No, go ahead and ask me. Why? Because they finally arrested Mr Zimmerman for shooting an unarmed child with a deadly package of Skittles, and only after public outrage. Because of the woman the other day at a flea market who was screaming at me “Look, look all around us are Mexicans, they are taking over our city, we must do something.” Because my mother still puts heavy light powder on her face to cover her Spanish skin. Because only if you’re a pretty light-skinned black woman will you ever get anywhere in the movie industry. Time moves at a snail’s pace, even while a torrent. Differences are perceived as threats. God forbid we should threaten the sanctity of same.


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