the madness goes on . . . .

At Miami-Dade College, where I taught for twenty-six years, I focused my efforts on the environment. My degrees were in English, but it became clear that discussing the seven levels of meaning in Faulkner would be fruitless if we didn’t have an earth to stand on. These efforts go on and, as a society, I thought we were making progress until I learned of the uproar over Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is a nonbinding agreement passed by the U.N. in 1992, to promote global sustainability. It has become the right wing’s newest bugaboo, labeled a global takeover of individual rights (remember those black helicopters?), and is being used to fight all kinds of environmental improvements and protections.

Type Agenda 21 into your search engine (21 stands for the 21st Century) and you will be sucked into a morass of craziness.

This must be the source of Rick Santorum’s rant against putting the earth above humans (Where will we stand, Mr Santorum?). Remember Reagan’s Interior secretary, the one who said it was okay to cut down trees because the Apocalypse was coming and we wouldn’t need them.

It’s easy to laugh, but read the New York Times piece on Agenda 21, and Alternet’s, which points out that societies which fail to take a long view . . . perish.

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  1. Where do they all think those abandoned ruins across the globe came from? They were socities that became non-sustainable. The populations had to exodus to find resources. Where do they think we can go if we accomplish non-sustainability around the globe? The moon? Ha ha, we are such a stupid little creature, pissing in the pot until we swim in our excremen. (not really a word, but a good illiteration).

  2. James Watt. I still have the T-shirt. Watt is not for the Birds.


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