And back we go . . . .

I don’t why I titled this blog “Normataksaboutwriting” when I can’t seem to stay away from politics.

Today’s fomenting involves what the media insists on calling “religious freedom”, but  seems very much to me to be about women’s rights and women’s health.

This is my favorite cartoonist, Jim Morin’s visual take on it:

And here is an article from Alter Net, which looks at the issue from an historical viewpoint: Why Patriarchal Men are Petrified about Birth Control

Didn’t we think this was settled?

Weren’t we naive?

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  1. Thanks for this post; I hadn’t realized the scope of the birth control issue–the last line of the AlterNet article, after illuminating some of the major players and where we are in time, says it all: “What we’ve learned these past few weeks is: the fight for contraception is not only not over — it hasn’t even really started yet”

  2. Perhaps you talk about politics because writing is a thinking process and thinking leads to politics.


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