Welcome home–California

On a wet February Sunday afternoon, I was welcomed back at Fort Bragg’s Senior Center. Once more we brought out the whiskey sour punch and southern bites

This is how things looked BEFORE the ravenous hoards. John and Katherine Brown did the honors.

Cheshire Books sponsored the evening. Owner Chris introduced me.

Holy Tannen sang Dixie, the song we rose to at Ole Miss football games instead of the National Anthem.

As you can see, I had visuals this time.

Holly sang the song that gave me hope during those dark Civil Rights times: We Shall Overcome

We had a full house.

My gratitude to everyone came out in the rain, and to all who helped: Doug Fortier for posters all over the country and the Power Point projection; George Bishop for setting up the sound system; Chris and Paul from Cheshire Books for sponsoring and show us how to set up and tear down the room; John and Katherine Brown for manning and womaning the table; Scotty Lyons for helping me make sausage balls; Harry Van Ornum and Larry Thomas for hauling chairs; and especially to my husband Les Cizek, who hauled whiskey sour punch, southern bites and books all over the South.

It’s good to be back.

Special thanks to all of you who read the book.

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  1. I’m glad your back! Can’t wait to see you. It’s been so fun reading about your tour.


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