Farewell, Miami . . .

My last reading on the east coast was a Literary Tea. Doug Fortier made a great poster.

Once a year a group of us get together at Maggie and Bernie’s house and cook. Maggie and I provide recipes and ingredients; in a hour or so we have a fabulous meal and sit down and eat.

This year, we cooked for others. The worker bees showed up at two; the crowd coming to hear Michael Hettich and me arrived at four for a sumptuous tea, with whiskey sour punch substituting for hot tea.Meg and Marilyn made watercress and cucumber sandwiches with goat cheese.The cooks pause to pose.Michael reads.I read

The laden table (Cucumber sandwiches covered with a damp dish towel)

Each year, the cooks go home with the recipes. Here was our menu for tea: cucumber sandwiches; Blue Moon pimiento cheese sandwiches; blanched crudites with herbed dip; grilled chicken with satay sauce; rosemary roasted cashews; chocolate chip coffee cake; Norma’s dastardly brownies and lemon squares.The cooks: Host Maggie is on the right in the blue dress; Bernie is behind the camera.

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  1. maggie silverstein

    What a great looking bunch of cooks, if I do say so myself!


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