Oasis in the big city . . .

In Miami we live close to downtown, surrounded by big buildings and rushing traffic. One advantage is the shade they provide. We almost never have to walk in the sun which, nine months of the year, blasts like a furnace. A huge disadvantage of city life is noise: car horns, jack hammers, plus  the two most popular devices–pressure cleaners (the sidewalks are blasted weekly) and the eternal leaf blower (a penis with a motor).

There is respite. Two blocks from our building we enter Simpson Park, a five and a half-acre remnant of the hardwood hammock that once stretched twenty miles from Cutler Ridge to the Miami River.

Noise ceases. The temperature drops five degrees. In blessed silence we walk through a canopy of native plants and trees: wild cinnamon, coffee, yellow boxwood, silver palm, spicewood, satin leaf and pigeon plum.

Occasionally nature reaches back: this little guy lost his mom; park staff is taking care of him.

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  1. Now we can add “raccoon rescue” to Les’s resume! Wow!

  2. Is Les vaccinated for Rabies? If not, he should not be picking up raccoons, no matter how cute.

  3. Laughed out loud at the parenthetical description of the eternal leaf blower–you are so funny Norma !!! Thanks too for telling us about Simpson Park. It gives me hope we value the important things along with just making progress.


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