Talking back to power . . . the wacky way

King Mango

I like wacky. I enjoy seeing people talk back to power with humor and irony. That’s what the Mango Strut does here in Miami. The original parade got too big and commercial, so founder Glenn Terry peeled off  to Wynwood where we marched December 10.

Wynwood is one of those areas my granddaughter calls “sketchy”, moving from scary to artsy with some overlap (The clients of a new upscale restaurant were recently robbed at gunpoint). Once a month, the neighborhood holds an art walk; galleries are open; delicious and imaginative food is served from food trucks; there is music, alcohol, and a lot of people.

We became part of the event. We weren’t allowed to march on the street or even on the sidewalk (no permit permitted), but we marched around an empty lot, made noise and our point(s), then walked (not marched) up to the Wynwood Walls (the best graffiti anywhere) and enjoyed the music. The paper called us “absurd”, which is how power sees humor.

Les (once conch-blowing champion of Key West) was in the first King Mango strut thirty years ago, leading a conch band. In the Wynwood parade, he blew his conch and I walked behind with a sign. This is NOT us.

Little Miss Mango contest (They all won)

A glimpse of the graffiti on the Wynwood Walls.

A great and irreverent way to start the holiday.

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