Miami Book Fair . . .

For twenty-eight years, Miami Book Fair has given the city a feast for readers–a week-long orgy of listening to the best writers (427 this year), and on the weekend fourteen events every hour. Les and I always attend—it’s the best almost free event in town—and, though I hoped one day to publish, I never expected to wear one of these tags. It felt good.

I read with Bob Edwards, late of NPR (I couldn’t believe they let him go—I thought we owned public radio). He’s on Satellite Radio now, Channel 133, five days a week, plus a weekend show on PRI. His memoir is The Voice in the Box.

It’s odd seeing the voices you hear on radio. Bob Edwards is MUCH taller than his voice. Joseph Cooper of Miami’s public radio station introduced us, and he’s younger than his. I met Linda Gassenheimer, who cooks on WLRN once a week, giving descriptions of dishes so delicious you want to leap into your radio. In person she’s tiny, as if she’s never eaten an extra bite.

Here we are: Joseph Cooper, on the left, has just heard that Bob Edwards has EIGHT producers to do the heavy lifting: read the books, do background work, and summarize it all for Edwards’ daily interviews.

One young woman asked Bob Edwards what his advice would be for young journalists. His answer: “Auto repair?” In this picture I’m talking to MY auto repairman Enrique Neufeld, who is doing just fine.

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  1. Norma! Your adventures and travails on this book tour have given me numerous frissons: wondering how the Mississippi folks would receive your tale; if there would be too many or not enough chairs set out at every event; and now THIS! You so deserve to be recognized. I have been especially enchanted by the stories of encountering the “characters” in your book after dozens of years, and finding them real and endearing. Thanks for sharing, really! I’ll offer you lunch in exchange for the stories you are NOT writing about. Blessings continued, Cynthia

  2. I am so glad you were apart of this. It fits you! I’m just having a ball reading about it. Thank you for sharing everything with us.

  3. Thanks, guys! There ARE a few details I’m not sharing with blogdom.


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