Let’s hear it for Les . . .

Through all these readings, my husband Les Cizek has driven the miles, hauled the suitcases, carried the cooler filled with whiskey sour punch into bookstores, and taken every photograph you see on this blog. He’s listened to me read the same sections from the book and tell the same stories without falling on the floor with boredom.

Let’s hear it for the real hero of the book tour.

Les with his oyster-work frame

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  1. Les, Your’re the Best!
    Norma,-gives you the joie de vivre!

  2. A SAINT. Les, it’s either true love or those whiskey sours.
    Heyyyyy, wait-a-minute, Jesus was a carpenter, tooooo.

  3. Hip hip hooray for Les and all the unsung pillars of strength..

  4. Bravo, Les. Little does she know you do it for the great whiskey sours.

  5. Hip Hip Hooray!!! I love you dad, you and Norma are such an inspirational couple!!

  6. Bravo, Les! What a mensch!


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