Malaprops . . .

In Asheville, North Carolina, Malaprops is a legend: bookstore, café, meet-up and hang-out place. It held downtown Asheville together long before the city’s recent gentrification.

My friend Margie Klein put us up and provided wine and cheese for the reading. She went into exile from Miami several years ago and now teaches writing at UNC Asheville.

A couple of Les’s woodworking buddies showed up, which gave him a reprieve from literary talk (woodworkers can go on about wood far longer than we writers can about words).

Jack Bogdanovich, Leila (who plans to revolutionize coffee bars with miso soup), and Bill Palmer

I talked about memoir and urged everyone to tell their stories.

Out of the blue a man asked: “What was it like being married to Bruce Rogow?” Since I’m not married to Bruce except in two or three words in the book’s epilogue, I figured this was either a friend or an enemy. I said it was just wonderful: the world for Bruce is a grand place and getting better every day.

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