Books and Books, Miami

Last night at Books and Books it was SRO all over again. I couldn’t count the crowd, but over a hundred came. Mitchell Kaplan, owner of Books and Books, opened the evening, and poet Michael Hettich gave me a really thoughtful introduction. This was my first Power Point presentation (thanks, Doug Fortier, for the lesson). Not without technical glitches–the projector didn’t work and they had to find another–but we managed to prevail over technology.  Folks drank gallons of whiskey sour punch and ate up every bite of the cheese wafers, sausage balls, and butterball cookies, plus 20 bottles of wine and an enormous platter of cheese, bread, and fruit, all provided by elder son Clay Craig. I signed a lot of books, and Books and Books made me sign a bunch more for the store. The crowd loved the “the way women get power” joke and the tattooed arm.
It was swell. I was too hopped afterwards up to sleep.

Favorite moments: an old friend stood in line to talk to me. Roy: I just put my 95-year-old father in a nursing home and what I want to know is, how do you deal with the guilt (he meant my children)? Me: You just deal with it.

This is Elijah, who turned out to be a fellow Mississippian from Belzoni in the Delta. He said, I want to touch you to see if you’re real (pinches my wrist). He told my daughter Allison there was no bad left in me because I’d already had the hell beaten out of me.

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  1. Seeing you again, Norma, brought back a rush of memories: I Division, Life Lab, my garden where the pool is now, the film “The Man Who Skied Down Mt.Everest” and many more. I feel fortunate to have shared some meaningful moments of my life with you. Take care. Love, Roy


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