Let’s talk about sex

Is it okay to write about sex? In my memoir the graphic parts were excised by my publisher with aqua ink. Erica Jong’s daughter says the only people who write about sex today are those no one wants to have sex with. Tina Fey in Bossypants says men in the TV writing world define women as crazy if they keep talking after no one wants to fuck them.

Is this a generational thing? We who grew up repressed sprang out of our panty girdles with no boundaries. Willing to name parts, spell things out, and do group sessions (which I read about but never got invited to) where women take mirrors to look at their vaginas?

Now, that we’re free, if not exactly equal, maybe women no longer need to talk about sex. We can become, as Jong says, reticent instead of raunchy.

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  1. strong words; No One.

  2. Ah, sex is such a fractious subject.

  3. minnesotatransplant

    What? This is news to me. Rather disturbing news at that. I thought sex sells. To delete sex from a memoir seems, well, Puritan. Perhaps you should put the excised parts in your blog?

    • Norma Watkins

      Actually, I decided the editor was right. When I read my memoir now, I don’t miss the naming of parts. What I think Jong’s daughter meant is that they (younger people) are so free and un-hung-up, unlike those of us from more repressed times, they have no need to go into the nitty-gritty. Or maybe they see so much porn online, they’re jaded.


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