What did you do on the Fourth?

I was a Book Fairy for Mendocino’s wonderful independent bookstore, Gallery Bookshop, in the Fourth of July parade. I highly recommend being a Book Fairy. Christie, Gallery’s owner, saves publishers’ samples all year. She sorts them into categories–Adult Female, Young Male, Child, etc.–and we Book Fairies, wearing pink and wings, walk alongside the bookshop truck, handing out free books to people who look as if they deserve one. Such power and such fun. I saw one man hand a book back, but most people were astounded and happy. Christie’s mom says she reads them all–that Christie can read three books a night, but that’s another story.

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  1. hey! we saw you in the parade! last year a book fairy gave my daughter the coolest teen aged vampire book – a little darker than twilight – and she loved it! both my kids were too shy to step close enough for a book this year, but we loved the parade.

    • I LOVED giving away books. Christie at Gallery did such a good job of sorting them that people had a pretty good chance of getting a book they would actually read.


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