The best thing about publishing . . .

The happiest result of publishing The Last Resort so far, has been connecting with people lost in time. I’ve found a cousin, Thomas Naylor, whom I haven’t seen since I graduated from Central High a half-century ago. Thomas is the founder of the Second Vermont Repubic. He introduced himself as my “other radical cousin,” and connected me with another cousin, Margaret Sullivan. The Sullivans spent their career in Nigeria in the foreign service, and she remembers trying to get in touch with me after I left Mississippi and hearing from my ex-husband that I had gone off with a civil rights worker. She said she and her husband let out a whoop. I found a niece whom I hadn’t heard from since the divorce, who wrote me a great review on Amazon. Let’s hear it for lost kin. A friend of my daughter’s discovered me because she lives next door to another friend in Amherst. She and I have exchanged long emails about Mississippi and the past. I’ve reconnected with people from the Junior League in Jackson, people I had no idea were liberal at the time (talk about isolation). Fame and fortune, maybe not, but friendship and reconnection can’t be beat.

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  1. I wonder if you will run into any more closet liberals in Jackson, or do they all leave?


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