White People’s Dreadlocks

Apropos of absolutely nothing–and thanks to Leah Garchik

I just read that white people’s dreadlocks

are made with MAYONNAISE!
Can this be true?

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  1. I’ve never known anyone that used mayo on dreadlocks.
    I have never put mayo on my locks at least,

    i do know people that use mayo as a deep conditioner (vinegar and egg whites both make good conditioner), but none of those people have dreadlocks :p

  2. Why not? At least we know what’s in it. Who knows what’s in the goop at the drug store?
    But, yeah – there is the “ick” factor.

  3. Where can one purchase the book? Would love to read it. And, as a Progressive African American woman (nah, no dreadlocks. Sorry), it would be an interesting read.

    Betty Reid Soskin

    • I would LOVE to know what you think of the book. You can get any independent bookstore to order it for you (I’m trying to keep them alive), or you can type The Last Resort: Taking the Mississippi Cure into Amazon and it will pop right up.


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