Eating Southern

My book comes out next month and I’ve been trying to decide what to serve at the first reading. Seeing what it’s about, and who I am, the menu has to be southern.

I’m thinking cheese straws;

I’m thinking sausage balls.

I’m looking for a lethal, but tasty southern punch recipe.

Any ideas?

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  1. OK, for 200 cups (or cut the recipe in half, but be sure everything is well-chilled) of sweet and most lethal Deep South wedding punch:

    4# fresh pinapple, cut into small cubes and chilled
    6 C. fresh orange juice (18 oranges), chilled
    4 1/2 C. fresh lemons juice (36 lemons), chilled
    5 qt. dry white whine, chilled
    3 qt. carbonated water, chilled (or more for the faint of heart)
    1 1/2 pt. white rum
    4 C. sugar, or to taste
    8 bottles champagne, chilled
    1. Ladele the pineapple into a large bowl. Add the orange and lemon juice, white wine, carbonated water, run, and sugar. Mix thoroughly.
    2. Put blocks of ice inseveral punch bowls. Divide the punch evenly among the bowls. Add the champagne just before serving.

    But then I imagine a resourceful Southern belle could work wonders with frozen lemonade concentrate, good bottled OJ, and Cava instead of champagne.

  2. But any chilled white wine & fruit punch would be SO southern with three gardenias floating on it (in a silver punch bowl??)

    • Love the picture. Unfortunately, we don’t grow gardenias out here on the chilly north coast and I gave the silver punch bowl away; but I have a glass punch bowl and I could float a hydrangea.

      • Oh, I feel sure your friendly local nursery could order you an armload of blooming gardenias, they bloom after Memorial Day lots of places. And if not, fake it with something white and gardenia oil – No other scent is half so evocatively Southern.

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